Amman Jazz Festival, 19 – 24 April 2015

The Amman Jazz Festival is an annual event in its 4th edition in 2015. The Festival which was founded in 2012 to celebrate diversity, cultural fusion, unity and cultural dialogue, has always featured top Jazz masters Internationally and locally to present a vast variety of Jazz music to the public, from American Jazz to European avant-garde as well as oriental & Latin Jazz fusion and everything in between.
The main stage performances will take place at the newly renovated theater of the nonprofit organization “Haya Cultural Center”, the venue is going to be the main cultural hub of the festival; we will take Jazz beyond stage, where the jazz bands will share their music with wider audience held in collaboration with the festival’s partners at Blue Fig, Trader Vic’s, and Corner’s.
This spring, Amman Jazz Festival is hosting artists from different parts of the world, and the whole program is based on collaboration and working together with Jordanian musicians to present joint performances to the public. The Festival’s main idea is BLENDING!

The festival’s objectives:

  • To become a major Jazz destination in the Middle East, by sustaining an annual highly recognized festival on the map of Jazz music festivals internationally.
  • Contribute to the development and sustainability of the independent music sector through promoting and supporting Jordan’s musicians and talents.
  • Promote cross-cultural cooperation and encourage the diversity of cultural expressions, while emphasizing the importance of cultural identity.
  • To enhance the cultural music awareness by providing quality performances, programs, and educational opportunities in music, with a main focus on Jazz and all its genres.
  • Enrich the audiences’ experiences by providing the opportunity to be exposed to fresh and high quality forms of music with very affordable prices.